A2G Sniff & Lift Ammonia Smelling Salt - Batman Edition (beginners)

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A2G Sniff & Lift ammonia-smelling salt has been carefully formulated to increase the potency and consistency of the smelling salts that everyone knows and loves. Each bottle is produced in small batches to ensure quality and is 100% ANHYDROUS, requiring no water.


Even though A2G Sniff & Lift is pre-activated and ready to ship without the need to add water, an unopened bottle will stay fresh and potent for months until you finally open it. Once opened, A2G Sniff & Lift will draw moisture from the environment to keep items fresh for up to nine months.

No liquid spilled, and no need to add water, just cover, sniff & Lift!


OG FORMULA Included with Dark Energy!

Ignite your senses, channel your inner Dark Knight.

There is nothing worse than buying a new bottle of ammonia only to find out after a few weeks that it is empty. That's why we use the highest quality ingredients and lots of science to create the longest-lasting smelling salts on the market.

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